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  • email. dinaemedtango@gmail.com - facebook. dina emed
    (011) 4381-6570 / 15-5700-3014
  • National Professor of Dances.
    National Professor of Corporal Expression.
    Dancer/Choreograph of Modern Dance (GRAHAM).
    Dancer/Choreograph of Tango Dance.
    Teacher and Investigator in the Movement and Health field.
    Conducting and animates since 1997 her radial program "Piel de Tango" at present on AM 840 Gral. Belgrano Radio.
    Records her first CD "Piel de Tango" as a singer with SOCSA disco company.
    Singer, writer, poet and tango writer.
    Manager of her International Tango Academy in Buenos Aires.

    On TVA in programs of Luis Pedro Toni.
    Artist invited by the Popular Republic of China in several presentations.
    Artist engaged as a dancer tango for the disco company during 1997-1998.
    Performing besides singers like Enrique Dumas, Alberto Podesta, María Garay and with the orchestras of Alberto Di Paulo and the professor Luceano Leocata.
    Presentations for the disco company VAIVEN in "Esquina Homero Manzi", "Expotango" and "Sabor a Tango" transmited by the channel "Solo Tango"
    Presentations on TV program "Buenos Aires Tango".

  • Chosen by the Corean "KBS" for a documental about tango transmited by the Corean TV, and her dance beside the Corean dancer Kong Miung Quiu.
    Creates and directs her own show "Piel de tango" accepting all the Houses of Province of Argentina and delegations from the embassy of Australia, Colombia, Uruguay, Alemania (Germany), Saudi Arab and the Popular Republic of China. At present the show is at Confitería Ideal.

  • Seminars and also performs in Brasil, México and Cuba in Brasil, Mexico y Cuba.
    In Okinawa (Japón), integrates the delegation of "Japan Tango Entertainement Company" (Tango Argentino), as a singer, dancer and choreograph of the show.