Since the creation by Dina Emed in 1998, "Piel de tango" is at different theaters in Bs. As. such as "La Máscara", "Paseo La Plaza", "Complejo Artístico Collette", "Café Homero", "Teatro Astral" and others.

Was born at Café Tortoni Sala Alfosina Storni, since then always performing.

With the vision and creation of her poetry and notes which adjust to the theater and show like a paint her dance, also the feeling and creation more than the choreography.

First level musicians joined Dina Emed, music from any time and also their own themes.

Dina Emed has a partner: Adolfo Costabile, he is a dancer who came from the milongas of Buenos Aires and a very good exponent.

"Piel de Tango" the Show, perfoming since March 2003 at Confitería Ideal, international people enjoyed.

The show is a a good propose, the dance, the song, the music and the poetry all together expres a language that goes far away, more than words, the language of the heart.


In few shows like "PIEL DE TANGO" you get such variety o expressions to convoke, but also some few can synthesize "evoke is a miracle" the cultural expression of the city of Buenos Aires.

Dina Emed, amalgamate the song, the poetry and the dance in "PIEL DE TANGO" a propose which respect the traditional tango and at the same time cadence, silences and a sensual vision and also poetic when she perfoms.

Dina Emed sings "Una", "La última curda", "Che Bandoneón", "El adiós", "Balada para un loco" and "Garganta con arena". Tells the story of tango which was born having the behavior of a coky and goes through the poetry of Ferrer and the music of Astor Piazzolla.